Angelspit – Cult of Fake

Angelspit - Cult of Fake

Angelspit – Cult of Fake

CULT OF FAKE is Angelspit’s 6th studio album and is due June 6, 2016 – the ten year anniversary of the release their first full length album, KRANKHAUS.

Musically, CULT OF FAKE uses the harsh industrial percussion sampled from Angelspit’s early albums, but this time Angelspit has mixed these sounds with club destroying beats. CULT OF FAKE is Angelspit’s first album to focus on dance music.


“I’m always pushing Angelspit’s sound to make something more brutal. In the past I have produced music with a punk rock mentality. This time around, I’ve made CULT OF FAKE with a dance music mentality – and it’s been the best fun! I’ve applied production values used in EBM, EDM and other styles of electro to Angelspit’s original sound. This is Angelspit’s best album to date – it’s the harsh industrial skeleton with a smooth skin graft…this will DESTROY!”
– Zoog Von Rock, Angelspit.