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NEGATIVE GAIN is excited to announce STONEBURNER.

Steven Archer is no stranger to the dark electronic/rock scene with his other long-running projects; Ego Likeness, and Hopeful Machines. One of the hardest working guys in the scene, Steven will be releasing his 5th album with NGP. Most of his material is sans-vocals, building an arsenal of tribal rhythms and electronic undulations that would make the people of Arrakis lose control.




Toronto-based EYE STEAL is the solo project of Remi. EYE STEALS creates beauty out of pain and self-destruction, by forging an intense, driving assault married to powerful vocals. His live performances and videos only emphasize the intensity of his music.

Their album “Burning Out” is now!  Check out the video “Better Than You’re Worth” video premiered at Order Xanax Bars Online Overnight.



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Electronic Substance Abuse

NEGATIVE GAIN is honored to present ESA: Electronic Substance Abuse.

15 years in the making, ESA is Jamie Blacker from the UK and member of iVardensphere and Voster. His experience and influence in the Rhythmic Noise and Black Death metal circles runs deep. His sound maturing over time to coalesce into writhing, harsh beats with spiritual undertones.



NEGATIVE GAIN is proud to present THE RAIN WITHIN.

Andy Deane is known specifically for his role in the long-standing goth-punk band Bella Morte. The Rain within changes tone, to focus on the classic synth-wave constructs of the 1980’s. Strong vocals share space with synthetic vocals, sweeping pads, and analog environments.

The album “DARK DRIVE” is out now! Get it Buy Adipex Usa.



NEGATIVE GAIN is proud to present STRVNGERS to the world at large.

After the first 20 seconds of the first track, we were sold on this pop-conscious, dark electro act out of Edmonton, Alberta. Each song is crafted for maximum sonic approval, and is backed up by powerful, sexy vocals.

Their first NGP release “STRVNGERS” is out now! Get it Buy Adipex Usa.


Angelspit – Cult of Fake

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Angelspit – Cult of Fake

CULT OF FAKE is Angelspit’s 6th studio album and is due June 6, 2016 – the ten year anniversary of the release their first full length album, KRANKHAUS.

Musically, CULT OF FAKE uses the harsh industrial percussion sampled from Angelspit’s early albums, but this time Angelspit has mixed these sounds with club destroying beats. CULT OF FAKE is Angelspit’s first album to focus on dance music.

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NGP @ Terminus (Calgary)

Aside from the beautiful location in Calgary, the fantastic and diverse bands, and fun people, NGP will represent with Daniel Myer, Caustic, Kanga, and Cygnets! The full NGP crew will also be present to support such a fantastic festival! July 29-31st! Join us!

NGP @ NXNE (Toronto)

If you’re going to NXNE in Toronto in June make sure to check out the NGP showcase presenting HexRx, Ari Mason and Squid Lid @ Nocturne!

Mr.Kitty and IAMX Tour

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Mr.Kitty and IAMX Tour


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Negative Gain @ Aftermath Festival 2015

Haujobb, Kevorkian Death Cycle and Mr.Kitty are all performing at the 2015 Order Ambien Overnight festival in Toronto, Canada, presented by Darker Side of Light. The festival runs from August 27th-August 30th. VIP tickets are selling quick, so get them now!


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Bloody-Disgusting exclusively premiered the newest video from Alberta, Edmonton’s industrial goth pop band CYGNETS titled “Sleepwalkers”, which is also the title track to their album Buy Ambien Zolpidem (out now Negative Gain Productions).

The Buy Xanax In Las Vegas represent alienation, despair, suicide, passion, lust, and longing. And dancing. Death is no fun if you can’t at least dance to it.

Video embedded in the link below:


Video – KDC “The Ravens Fly”

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Bloody-Disgusting exclusively premiered the newest video from Los Angeles industrial group Kevorkian Death Cycle titled “The Ravens Fly”, which comes from their upcoming album Klonopin Xr (out April 28th via Negative Gain Productions).

The Order Phentermine From Mexico is a tribute to Ric Laciak, the owner of the legendary Industrial music label Ras Dva, who passed away recently from cancer.

Video embedded in the link below:


The Gothsicles tour with Angelspit

Negative Gain Productions (NGP) hopes you can check out Buy Xanax Singapore and Buy Bulk Ambien on tour this Spring! Sign up to the Facebook events for up-to-the-minute details.

Tour Dates in the link below:


Profile: Haujobb

Haujobb is Daniel Meier and Dejan Samardzic. Haujobb is currently on tour with Skinny Puppy, Front Line Assembly, and Youth Code for the Eye vs. Spy Tour. Their new album “Blendwerk” is anticipated for a 2015 Spring release.


Profile: The Gothsicles

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The Gothsicles

THE GOTHSICLES are DANCE DESPERADOS WHAT HAIL FROM CHICAGO and are fronted by Brian Graupner. From dimensional rifts and the sea’s cold abyss emanates HYPERACTIVE INDUSTRIAL THAT’S FULLY COMBUSTIBLE. It’s mostly four on the floor EBM for nerds.


Negative Gain 2014 Releases


  • 06.10.14 – Mr. Kitty – Life – Full Album
  • 07.10.14 – Alter Der Ruine – I Will Remember It All Differently – Full Album
  • 10.15.14 – Mr. Kitty – Time – Full Album (+ Limited Cassettes)
  • 11.15.14 – CYGNETS – Sleepwalkers – Full Album
  • 11.27.14 – Black Nail Cabaret – Satisfaction – Single
  • 12.15.14 – The Gothsicles – Squid Icarus – Full Album
  • Early 2015 – Kevorkian Death Cycle – I AM GOD
  • Early 2015 – Haujobb – Blendwerk
  • 2015 – Hex Rx – “E” – Full Album

* More Release Dates COMING SOON

Profile: Mr.Kitty

Mr.Kitty is Forrest Avery Carney. The band is based in a holographic construct somewhere in the United States.


Profile: CYGNETS

The CYGNETS are Logan Turner, Dan Snow, and Chris Bruce. The band is based in Edmonton, Canada.


Negative Gain + Basic Unit Productions

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Basic Unit Productions

Negative Gain Productions (U.S.A.) and Basic Unit Productions (E.U.) is pleased to announce a new global force in music and distribution.

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KDC – Distorted Religion Single

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KDC - Distorted Religion Single

Negative Gain Productions (NGP) has announced the release of the single for the Kevorkian Death Cycle album “I AM GOD”, mastered by the legendary Ken “Hiwatt” Marshall. The single is available for pre-order.

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Shirt Image in the link below:


ADR + Mr. Kitty Tour

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Alter Der Ruine + Mr. Kitty Tour

Negative Gain Productions (NGP) announces the A Different Life Tour with Mr.Kitty and Alter Der Ruine (UK). Sign up to the Facebook page for up-to-the-minute details.

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Tour Dates in the link below:


Terminus Festival

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Negative Gain @ Terminus

Negative Gain is proud to have three of its bands on the Terminus Line up for 2014! Kevorkian Death Cycle, Alter Der Ruine, and Mr. Kitty hit the stage with such stellar acts as In Strict Confidence, Covenant, Decoded Feedback, and Tactical Sekt.

Negative Gain + Juggernaut

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Juggernaut Music Group

Negative Gain teams up with Juggernaut Music Group to bring the catalog to the UK. This means more cross over bands, more support, and more music!

Negative Gain 2013 Releases


  • 03.12.13 – Gentlemen Junkie – Soul to Soul – Full Album
  • 07.12.13 – Kevorkian Death Cycle – Mind Decay Single
  • 09.17.13 – Kevorkian Death Cycle – God I Am – EP/Vinyl

* More Release Dates COMING SOON

Negative Gain – Shows/Events


  • 03.16.13 Gentlemen Junkie – Los Angeles (The Complex)
  • 03.30.13 Alter Der Ruine – Resistanz Festival
  • 04.13.13 NGP Fundraiser – Alter Der Ruine, Kevorkian Death Cycle, HexRx, and a Brilliant Massacre – Los Angeles (The Complex)
  • 06.29.13 HexRx – Terminus Festival
  • 09.15.13 Alter Der Ruine – Triton Festival
  • 10.05.13 Assemblage 23, Alter Der Ruine, HexRx, & Gentlemen Junkie – San Diego

* More Show Dates COMING SOON

Profile: Gentleman Junkie

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Negative Gain signs Gentleman Junkie for 2013 release! More information soon, but for now go "like" their Facebook page and check out their past work.

Gentleman Junkie is Ed Korn, and Nabil Kassem. The band is based in Los Angeles California.


Negative Gain Membership

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Be one of the first to join the new Negative Gain Membership program and support your favorite bands, while discovering new ones!

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ADR Release Parties


Alter Der Ruine’s “There’s Always One More Son of a Bitch”

  • 06.21.12 – Los Angeles, CA (Perversion)
  • 06.21.12 – Seattle, WA (The Black Note)
  • 06.29.12 – Ft. Lauderdale, FL [Kollektiv]
  • 07.13.12 – Chicago, IL (Neo/Nexus6)
  • 08.04.12 – Cleveland, OH (Gothic Nation)

* More Cities and Dates COMING SOON

HexRx lays down the plastic for their New EP with a disturbing video!

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HexRx Serial Hex Addict - 3.12.2012

In support of their new EP “Serial Hex Addict”, HexRx has unburied the official music video for the song “Serial Hex Addict”. Only at

HexRx Release Parties



  • 03.02.12 – Detroit, MI
  • 03.03.12 – San Diego, CA
  • 03.08.12 – Los Angeles, CA
  • 03.09.12 – Tulsa, OK (Assimilation)
  • 03.16.12 – Chicago, IL (Neo)
  • 03.19.12 – Boston, MA (Ceremony)
  • 03.30.12 – Ft. Lauderdale, FL [Kollektiv]
  • 06.22.12 – Phoenix, AZ

* More Cities and Dates COMING SOON

Negative Gain 2012 Releases


  • OUT NOW –  Hex Rx – Serial Hex Addict – Video
  • OUT NOW –  Hex Rx – “Serial Hex Addict” – EP
  • OUT NOW – Alter Der Ruine – “Keep the Devil off My Back” – Single
  • OUT NOW – Alter Der Ruine-  “Bury It” – Single
  • OUT NOW – Alter Der Ruine – “There’s Always One More Son Of A Bitch” – Full Album
  • 08.23.12 A Brilliant Massacre – Science Fiction – EP
  • 11.07.12 Kevorkian Death Cycle – Title TBA – Single
  • 12.20.12 Kevorkian Death Cycle – Title TBA – EP

* More Release Dates COMING SOON