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a projEct I fouNDED IN 2005…. I was wrItINg for thE NEw kEvorkIaN dEath cyclE album aND fouND mysElf wIth a group of soNgs that wasN’t ablE to bE rElEasED at that tImE.I thought to mysElf “I caN’t sIt oN thEsE tracks forEvEr” aND so HEX|RX EmErgED. shortly aftEr thE fIrst album I was forcEd to facE thE IDEa of workINg wIth NEw artIsts for EvEry album whIch I havE lEarNED It has madE mE grow as a musIcIaN aND maNglED thE DEpths bEhIND HEX|RX. EvEry album Is aNothEr pErsoNalIty, aNothEr voIcE all spEakINg thE loNEly aND colD scrEams of oNE voIcE stalkINg Its prEy. I NEvEr rEalizEd how loNEly thE huNtEr caN bE. HEX|RX Is aN outlEt IN whIch thE musIc has coNtrol ovEr thE outcomE aND futurE. HEX|RX coNtINuEs to EvolvE. thE murDEr, fracturEs aND a blINDED EyE Is my futurE. – rogEr jarvIs



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