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Surprise! When Caustic says his album is dropping in 2018, he means at midnight 12/31. Negative Gain is excited to share the world wide release of Caustic’s 10th full-length album “American Carrion”. The album includes 10 tracks in digital and physical formats via BandCamp as well as physical copies at local music stores.

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From the careening, expletive fueled EBM opener ‘Purgative’ to the deep, dark groove of ‘Stoma’, to the epic, distorted electronica of ‘The Coital Staircase’, AMERICAN CARRION takes no prisoners, with stompy, utilitarian beats and a decidedly political stance this time around. The dancefloor crack of ‘F**k That Fascist Beat’ and closing track, the defiant yet hopeful ‘One Nation Under Fear’ spell out Caustic’s mission in no uncertain terms. He’s pissed, and it’s time to tear it up. Mixed by Null Device/Klack’s Eric Oehler and mastered by Consolidated’s Mark Pistel, AMERICAN CARRION will barrel into you like Rand Paul’s neighbor and leave you gasping for air. Raise your fist and join the fight.